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A short update on the energies

aisha north

The quickening has started in earnest now, and that steady stream of visitors we mentioned in our last missive will certainly be announcing their arrival now. You see, this is an incoming tide of such proportions that if you could see it from our vantage point, you would indeed be mesmerized by the magnificence of it. For this is no simple alignment in the sky, this is in actual fact a huge and overwhelming shift coming your way, as you will all in turn be facing a whole host of benevolent interloper from the outer fields. And when we say interloper, we do mean it in the best possible way as these seemingly insignificant sparks of light will turn into a huge bonfire of flaming love wherever they land. For they will not be stopped by any army of negation, no matter how hard you try to think otherwise, for…

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Office of Poofness 4-13-14… “The Mountain”… “The RV is Here. The Reset is Here. We Won.”

Kauilapele's Blog

poofness_office_of_38 I’ll be reading this shortly, but I feel the “desire” to get it out right away, so here it is!!

[Poof] There’s nothing new that has not been said. There’s nothing but good vibes coming through from those who are in the know; and the tireless work that has been going on is paying off for those who have held their focus doing what they were told to do. If you still need a pep talk then you have not been paying attention. Pep talks are for those who are too weak to do their own thinking…

[Zap] The new treasury reserve note, the TRN, is fully functional in the system, and we will see this in the news shortly…

We can all expect massive funds beginning to come out to the economies thanks to the world governments that agreed to move forward with the reset come hell or high…

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Ascension may start Now – Gaia is all set – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – 04.02.2014

Illuminations Now!!

Originally posted on http://soul4free.wordpress.com/

German Transcript written by Rilana

Translated by Contramary=Evamaria and posted on Illuminations Now

Source: Ascension may start Now -Gaia is all set – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – 04.02.2014 http://wp.me/p2wHrN-2NG

My greetings to you – this is the Ascended Master St. Germain speaking. Today I return to you with another message of joy, presenting another essential milestone in human history and that of Lady Gaia.

Some most important matter happened last weekend !

earth in hands

Gaia has been freed, Gaia has been liberated from all negative energies which once had been installed into her by Dark-Powers-that-were!
By mutual collaboration human people successfully have achieved  with various activities, mediations and their energetical labour that Gaia could be liberated finally.
It was this way of your mutual labour being announced before by many channels over all the globe – many very reputed and known faces in the spiritual surrounding…

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The Legend of the Ancient of Days

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